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Jan 30, 2018 · Here’s what a gram of cannabis costs in cities around the world Bruce Barcott January 30, 2018 The world’s most expensive gram of cannabis can be yours for $32.66 on the illicit market in Tokyo. There are many different types of rice grown and served throughout the world, so it’s difficult to determine what the standard for calories in rice is. However, the average serving of rice, which is 1 cup, has about 200 calories but may have more depending on the variety of rice. A gram is about: a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar; a cubic centimeter of water ; a paperclip ; a pen cap ; a thumbtack; a pinch of salt; a piece of gum; the weight of any US bill ; one fifth of a piece of paper (80 gsm A4 paper weighs 4.8 g) 0.035274 of an ounce to 6 decimal places (we need 28.349523 grams to make an ounce) A kilogram is about: A. According to “The Book of Yields”, a handbook used by chefs to estimate quantities of items normally sold by the pound, approximately 56% of basil sprigs’ weight is usable leaves.